Overlanding Anglers

Hey! This is The Don and Wings with the Overlanding Anglers. As kids we grew up fishing, hiking, camping, and exploring. Unfortunately though as we got older other things took the place of the many adventures we used to have. We forgot how important it was to get out of the city and just explore. We got our wake call in 2019 when the COVID 19 pandemic struck. Our stress levels became higher than ever because both of us are paramedics for large urban EMS systems. It was just the push we needed to get back out into the wild and we both found that is the best therapy. Since then we started our channel to help others learn about Overlanding, Fishing, and some of the great history around Oklahoma plus make friends along the way. Our mission is to share everything that we have learned to help you on your journey. Stop by and say Hi! We can’t wait to meet you!

Xploring The Outdoors

Tim Havner: Founder and Visionary Behind XploringTheOutdoors

As the creative force behind the YouTube channel XploringTheOutdoors, I have dedicated myself to inspiring a deep appreciation for the natural world. My channel serves as a vibrant platform, advocating for the responsible enjoyment and preservation of our outdoor spaces. With a commitment to ensuring these environments remain pristine for future generations, my work emphasizes a wide array of engaging and accessible activities, catering to a diverse audience of outdoor enthusiasts. XploringTheOutdoors is not just a channel; it’s a movement towards reconnecting people with the beauty and importance of the great outdoors.

312 Overland

Angel, a Chicago native from a family of gear-heads, has a background in Computer Engineering and Healthcare. Determined and helpful, he discovered the Jeep community and became the proud owner of a 2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave, Sting-Gray. Initially seeking a Rubicon Gladiator Diesel, Angel settled on the Mojave after not finding one with desired features. Despite it being identical to his younger brother’s Jeep, he obtained his brother’s blessing, excited to create memories with their Jeeps. Angel, along with Fernando and their adventure dog Kovie, frequently use the Jeep for various adventures, attending expos and events. A DIY enthusiast, Angel has transformed his Jeep into a second home, gaining recognition for his creativity. He co-founded 312overland with Fernando to educate newcomers in overlanding, emphasizing quality, customization, and warranty in product choices. 312overland also shares Angel’s extensive research, assisting others in selecting the right products for their needs. His journey reflects his commitment to exploring, learning, and inspiring others in the overland community.

Northwoods Overland Adventures

We’re Cody and Alex Eschen, we created Northwoods Overland Adventures in 2021 after moving to Eau Claire, WI. Our instagram started as a place to post our adventures and photos for friends and family but grew into a community that we wouldn’t trade for anything. The overlanding community is the friendliest and most welcoming, and we love to foster that vibe via our instagram page. We love being able to tell the story of our adventures show our hikes and camping experiences. We love to make connections, find and review the gear that has the most bang for the buck.

Ben and Brandi/Off-Road Recon

We are an off-roading, overlanding family. There’s nothing we love more than getting out into nature and enjoying our time together. Our lives are most fulfilling when we are far from the world’s distractions and together on a four wheeler, in a Razor, and in our Jeep, “Recon”. Our off-roading garage keeps growing (now including a Ford Bronco, a Ford F150, and a 2002 Ford E-450 Boxtruck RV), but our focus is the same: to find the most exciting trails and the most incredible campsites our great nation has to offer!

Experiencing Arkansas

Jason & Kate enjoy documenting and sharing their adventures with like minds and friends. What started as group trail rides and solo camping trips, their weekend getaways have evolved into a husband and wife team who wants to inspire others. As Jason and Kate are somewhat newlyweds, their chemistry and spark for living life together as a team is both contagious and kinetic. Being “hobbyist overlanders” or “weekend warriors” at best, their current digital format platform includes plans of growth and increased reach. Their untold story as a husband and wife team continues to grow & evolve much like an uncharted adventure full of surprises. Follow along and discover new experiences and beautiful places to see within their home state or as Jason & Kate like to say……Experiencing Arkansas!

Backcountry Nomad

Good day!!!! 9 years ago, I began this epic adventure traveling the United States coast to ooast several times overlanding, vlogging and photographing the backcountry and small towns of rural America. What started off as a Van life journey has transpired into a 4×4 overlanding lifestyle covering thousands of miles in a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. It has been our passion to share with our viewers and followers the love for vehicle-based living.

Budget Overland

The purpose of Budget Overland (Podcast, YouTube, Facebook etc.) is to educate and share knowledge so that everyone within the community can experience and plan safe and memorable adventures. Budget doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. We believe in sharing info as a community. Learning from others and sharing the passion of “Overlanding”! The term “budget” is relative to everyone’s situation. We feel your planning considerations should be based on your individual needs required to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Best Life Adventure Channel

We are David and Tiffany Wade. We created the Best Life Adventure Channel in April of 2023 and then launched on a 7 week, 7,000 mile, cross country, coast to coast, epic adventure of a lifetime on the Transamerica Trail, living out of our Jeep, with our dog. The video series for that trip is starting to roll out now (https://youtu.be/ekpyr7UqAMY?si=hP6LwBatKxHXHS-k) on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@BestLifeAdventureChannel). Our Girls Only Overlanding series will also start rolling out soon. David was born in Springfield in 1970 and has not been back there since 1973, so this will be a special trip for him. The expo this year also lands on the 1-year anniversary of our new channel (April 20) so this will be a very special weekend for us. From there, we’ll be returning to Florida and attending Jeep Beach for the next few days. We plan to create a video of the MOORE Expo while we are there as well as several Instagram and Facebook stories and reels.

Bats Offroad

Being born and raised in northwest Arkansas, I grew up camping, fishing, hunting and floating the Ozark National Forest. My love for offroading didn’t develop until after I bought my first 4 wheeler as an adult. From there it progressed thru different 4 wheelers and side by side rigs and on to where we are today…. Jeeps. I married the love of my life in 1994, and over the last 30+ years, we’ve shared many of these experiences together. So, the combination of all these activities into vehicle based adventure exploration defines what overlanding means to me, and is why I am so passionate about it. If I’m not working or overlanding, I’m talking about overlanding, or the gear we use, on THE Overland Podcast with my Bro, Joey Slayton aka Brofessor Adventures.

Ozark Overland Adventures

Cara and Matt McClellan have a goal to be living on the road and overlanding full time by fall of 2025. This is when both of their youngest will be going to college. Between now and then, they will be living the best life they can— creating as much content as they can and growing their YouTube subscriber and support base. What started as exploring the beautiful Ozark National Forrest on a weekend adventure with just a Jeep and some camping gear has turned into a passion to see and experience as much as possible. As Cara and Matt explore more and more, they want to pass on the adventure to others by inspiring them to get off the pavement and experience these amazing places first hand.

Semper Gumbie

Thank you for checking out the Semper Gumbie Channel! Join us as we camp across the United States in various locations. We would like to share with you some of the most spectacular spots in dispersed and campsites as well as some testing and review of outdoor gear reviews.

Baker Overland

I’ll just say it… I’m the weird guy in the space. I’m not mechanical at all. I don’t do many product reviews. My channel is all about the story. This may get me in trouble saying this but “overlanding” is kinda secondary for me. I’m after the thing behind the thing. The heart that drives the action. In my videos I try to always bring it back to that. There are lots of awesome YouTubers explaining the how. I love those channels and watch tons of them. That’s not me though. I’m after the why. My beautiful wife and three goofy kids are at the heart of what I create and ultimately that’s the reason I’m here. Sappy? Maybe. Inspirational? Hopefully! Different? Definitely. I’m going 110% in on the channel this year with intentions of being full-time. Super stoked to be at Moore again this year!

Gladiator Overland

Purple Heart pre post 911 combat veteran. who does overland to show other veterans that it can be used to help heal the wounds of war. Then uses the same skills I have learned to take other veterans on short Overland trips in the Appalachian Mountains to teach them these skills and get them out into the wilderness to start their healing journey. Have been “Overlanding” before Overlanding was a term. From my 85 Weestfalia to my current rig I have been exploring this great nations backcountry for almost 30+ years now. We’ve dedicate the past year to start to document it and start the Veteran Overland Project with the two side of @gladiatoroverland documenting my journey to healing myself and relationship with my spouse for others to see and then implementing these skill with @veteranoverlandproject with trips starting in 2023. We currently are self funding the project and hope to be able to have it stand on its own two feet next year or so.

Aaron Chokbengboun

I’m a nature inspired creator who utilizes my platform to encourage and inspire people to get outside and enjoy the beautiful wonders of our world!

Tyler Kovacs

Hey! My name is Tyler Kovacs. I’m a police officer in Knoxville TN. This would be my third MOORE EXPO & I’m super super stoked for it! Im 26 and have had multiple builds and I absolutely love connecting with people thru out the world over a connection thru vehicles. Meeting other content creators and real world people that live for thrill as other overlanders is amazing. Getting to share stories and network with other people is just absolutely awesome to me. Since my last 2 Expos I’ve left with many new friends that I still stay in touch with until this day! I’m passionate about meeting others and sharing an absolute life style. I absolutely LOVE bragging about how great it is to be so free in life and how vehicles are the passage to do so!

Quentin Manske

Quentin “Q” Manske been wheeling and overlanding for as long as has owned 4wheel drive since 1985.. Started with a Ford F150 and now an avid Jeep owner. In addition to providing private guide services in Ouray, Telluride, and Silverton just about every summer (including Toyota Owners!) he served as a Jeep Jamboree USA Trail Guide in Moab for over 10 years. Q is intimate with just about every trail in Moab and, using Video of others navigating trails, can provide coaching on how to navigate critical trail gatekeepers and obstacles. Q has been active in the Midwest Crawler helping others design, build, and learn the capabilities of their rigs, teachng others on proper vehicle recovery, and coaching others in finding ways over tight spots and choosing better drive lines.

Manda & Ham

Husband & wife travelers, Manda & Ham. Land Cruiser enthusiasts + adventure junkies. Overlanders, campers, and scenic view seekers.


Zak Farris, known as Helrunner, resides near Saint Louis, close to the Moore Expo. His passion lies in overlanding, camping, traveling, and inspiring others. Active in the STL Toyota Off-Road & STL Toyota Overland Groups in Missouri, Zak brings the community together, enhancing unity. As a photographer for these Overland Social Groups, he captures memorable moments, like the fun around a bonfire. Zak is also an enthusiastic cook, ready to whip up meals, especially tacos, for anyone in need. He expresses a deep love for his fully-equipped 2020 Toyota 4runner, a testament to his dedication to the overlanding lifestyle. Zak looks forward to discussing his vehicle and experiences in more detail at the Expo. His involvement and enthusiasm are integral to the overlanding community, embodying the spirit of adventure and camaraderie.

Rogue Overland

Rogue Overland is a vehicle based outdoor adventure company founded in 2016. We created the company based upon our love and passion for exploring the world around us with our family, freinds and vehicles.

Overland Trails Adventures

My wife and I have been traveling and camping most of our lives. When overlanding came along, we were all in. We built our first rig, A jeep, then built our 2014 Toyota Tundra and started recording our adventures. After our first trip, we discovered our passion for videography and sharing our adventures on YouTube. We love meeting new people and talking rigs, gear and adventures. Please stop by our rig, and pull up a chair! We would love to hear about your adventures too!!


Alex, a resident of Chicago, IL, spent his childhood and adolescence in the vibrant neighborhood of Humboldt Park. In the depths of his heart, he held an unyielding desire to emulate his father, a skilled craftsman who specialized in constructing race cars and low riders. As time pressed forward, Alex gradually matured into adulthood and embarked on a momentous journey to acquire his very own vehicle. It was in that pivotal moment that he acquired a 1991 Honda CR-X SI, igniting within him an insatiable passion to transform it into a formidable street race car. Over the course of time, Alex developed an interest in motorcycles. He pursued his passion by racing them and even took on the role of a motorcycle mechanic. Eventually, he shifted his focus from sport bikes to Harley Davidsons. In this new endeavor, he specialized in constructing custom Harley Davidsons, complete with unique paint jobs, custom sound systems, and large wheels. These motorcycles, affectionately referred to as “big wheel baggers,” became his signature creations. While residing in Chicago and enduring its unpredictable weather conditions, Alex realized the need for a more stable career path. Thus, he made the decision to explore the field of forklift mechanics, a profession that promised a reliable source of income. Alex has developed a new hobby over the past few years – immersing himself in the Jeep life. At present, he is the proud owner of a 2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave in a striking sting grey color. He is currently in the process of customizing it to fully embrace the Overland Life with his Wife and daughter and Brother which He got him into Jeep Life.

Black Sheep Cakes

As an individual with a profound enthusiasm for off-roading and overlanding, I also have the distinct honor of being a world-renowned cake artist and a personality featured on television 19 times, in addition to being a three-time Guinness World Record holder. My global travels, which are partly inspired by my offroading excursions, significantly contribute to my artistic endeavors. I own a fully customized 2003 Lexus GX460, which has been my companion on numerous memorable journeys. Professionally, I have had the privilege of creating cakes for esteemed clients such as Gordon Ramsay, George Lucas, and various NASCAR and IndyCar events. On a personal note, I have overcome severe childhood abuse, a journey that has profoundly shaped my life. The great outdoors has played a crucial role in my path to self-discovery and healing. Furthermore, I have navigated the challenges and joys of being a single father for the majority of my child’s life, alongside my diverse and fulfilling career.

Grey Haired Overlander

Retired overlander, chef (will be doing cooking demos), musician ( will bring ) 50 years of remote camping experience. I was the demo chef for Big Green Egg in the Chicagoland area.
35 years as a primitive camper and bush crafter.

All Things Overlanding

All Things Overlanding started as a fun way to record and document Overlanding trips for my kids, friends, and family. Very few people I knew understood what Overlanding was and I wanted to share that with as many people as possible. I also really like gear, so I started doing gear reviews and talking about the different stuff that was making my trips better.

Over time, the YouTube channel, podcast, and other social channels have grown and now I get to have a ton of conversations with folks starting out on their Overlanding journey where I was a few years ago. I love helping people and the best part of the whole thing is how it’s gotten others interested in the hobby as it’s continued to grow.

Dunnage Garage

My name is Scott, growing up my Step-Dad introduced me to Overlanding, back then it was just called camping. It was there I found my passion for Jeeps and off-road adventures. Years later, I found that my Jeep and Overlanding was an amazing outlet to keep me grounded in life. With my buddy Matt, we spend several hours a week working on Jeeps, garage projects and Overlanding. These adventures, or should I say misadventures have become the focus of a YouTube Channel, Dunnage Garage. Over the years, this hobby is beginning to turn into a family business. As I am rapidly approaching retirement from the Fire Service, the dream of becoming an Adventure Overland Videographer is becominng a reality. Remember life is an adventure, go live it!

Leemen Upfit

We love family friendly adventures! We have taken our 5 children across the country and hit all 48 continental states. We love exploring new areas and making memories. We started off buying one Jeep, then another and then another. They just kept multiplying. We started building so many Jeeps, we started our own Jeep Upfit shop. It’s in a super cool old car dealership in a small town in Ohio. We might live in Ohio, but we love overlanding and offroading out west! We have taken multiple Jeep trips to Colorado and Utah and last summer took a trip into Canada. We have a 392 for rock crawling/more advanced off-roading, We have a Gladiator for overlanding/ normal offroading. My son has a Wrangler for overlanding/off-roading. My wife has a Wrangler for lighter off-roading and driving to the mall with her top back. We post a lot of pictures on our Instagram and Facebook. We also post videos on our YouTube. A lot of them are from our adventures and others are about products we use and love.


Hey my name is Jordan and I am an outdoor and automotive enthusiast based out of Springdale, AR. I am an avid outdoorsman that loves overlanding, offroading, fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, and just being outside in general. I also have a passion for writing and photography in which I tell stories about my adventures, vehicle builds, and outdoor lifestyle. I have had a passion for both of these for a long time so bringing my passion for the outdoors and vehicles into them was a no brainer. I love to share who I am and what I do with everyone and share my love of the outdoors to inspire others to enjoy it!

Adventure Further

We are a family of 4 who love to travel the country in our full fleet of heavily modified Jeeps! Our children love to be off road and camping with us! Our adventures vary along with which rigs we use depending on which terrain we will embark on and whether we are rock crawling or overlanding. Our plan is to adventure beyond the states as the girls get older and share our travels, our complications and our triumphs as we go along!  When we started our adventuring journey, we quickly learned that not only do we love to rock crawl with our rigs but we loved to camp out of them wherever we ended up! We are fortunate enough that we have been able to build out multiple rigs and equip each vehicle with the necessary tools to get the job done! We are making memories that will last a lifetime, together as a family! Follow along with us on Youtube, Instagram ,Facebook and TikTok!

Calvary Overland

We are a North Texas based overlanding, off-roading, 4×4, and camping community that hosts monthly meet-ups and lead quarterly adventures. Adventuring is often times a lot more fun, meaningful and fulfilling when you have someone to journey with. The journey of life is very much the same. We, from the very beginning were created and designed for community! It is our hope to curate an environment that invites everyone to the table, irregardless of where on the adventure path they are. Come find your community, and join us at our next event!

Kayla Hendricks

I started my build back in 2020 after my divorce. I have now made a name as the lost unreliable Toyota ever made 😂. I am known for my full sends and excellent water stunts 😂😂 I am very passionate about my off-road adventures and sharing my passion with everyone around me.

Wilderness Off-Road

Hello, my name is Jake! I currently work in conservation and in my free time I like to get outdoors and enjoy nature! I currently have an Instagram and YouTube channel where I try to show most (if not all) my adventures. On top of all my camping trips I like to try new things, so I am constantly trying new products and setups in (or on) my vehicle. My goal is to continue what I do and encourage others to get out into nature and enjoy it!

LastMinute Adventures

We are LastMinute Adventures a small town family from Arkansas that has a love for all things outdoors. We are parents to a wonderful 5 year old little boy and I’m trying to show him a little piece of what the world has to offer. In 2021 the whole overland idea was just a dream I had in my head during the Covid outbreak. Now, we spend every chance we get traveling Arkansas and surrounding states. Since then, we have met some of the most amazing people, if not for them we wouldn’t be here today. Our goal is to try and do just what these people have done for us and that is to inspire people to get out and explore, eat and cook good food, and build some of the greatest friendships you could ask for. We have a growing Instagram page that we document our travels. We drive a full size Ford F150 which isn’t your typical choice of vehicle for the Arkansas forest but we have set out to prove others that it is possible!

Black Truck Adventures

My wife (Paula) is investigating the pursuit of a master’s degree in Outdoor Recreation Economy through the University of Colorado Boulder. I (Casey) hold master’s degrees in finance and accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas and am currently pursuing an associate degree in automotive maintenance technology at Dallas College.
We are lifelong outdoor enthusiasts. We grew up in rural areas of Texas but moved to the city after undergraduate college and spent most of our time in an office building.
We live in the congested Dallas Metroplex. We love the outdoors and find outdoor adventure and exploring a way to escape the craziness of the exploding DFW metropolis. I (Casey) have been an active whitewater river rafter and kayaker since the mid-1990’s. Paula and I returned to camping in 2019 by camping at a primitive site on Lake Lewisville in Lewisville, TX, in the city, only 10 minutes from our home. We did not have a lot of gear and had not spent the time to research what we did and did not need. We started off with a bunch of unnecessary gear, all of which we had to pull in several wagon loads to get to the campsite.
Fast forward to now. We have spent countless weeks in the wilds of the Eastern (TN,NC) Central (TX, OK, AR) and Western (NM, CO, UT, AZ) United States. We want to share our experiences with everyone who yearns to escape the city and get outdoors. There are so many amazing places in America that most people haven’t seen or experienced. We want to share our experiences (positive and negative) with anyone interested in getting outside. We want to share what works and doesn’t work for us so that others don’t necessarily have to go through the trials and errors that we have experienced.

R Chris Hudson

I’m a married father of 2 boys, the youngest of which has severe autism. My family and I love the outdoors, including off-roading, camping, hunting, fishing, and Jeeping the backroads. My family and I “Jeep” ride a minimum of 6 days/nights a week. Overlanding is a passion my family and I are continuing to build towards. Storage space is at a premium in a Jeep Wrangler, and our son and his autism service dog require a lot of space and essential gear. Our goal is to invest in an off-road trailer of some type in the next few years…

Live2Day Wanderland

A Midwest adventure seeking family beginning our journey and restarting our life after enduring a horrific tragedy that has reshaped the way we live. Come along as we live only the current moment and appreciate each day for all it has to offer. We don’t just feature primarily one state or one style of camping, we do it ALL, overlanding, canoe, teardrop camping, hot tent and extreme winter adventures etc. One of the most diverse outdoor adventure channels you will find.

Frey’s On The Side

Matt and Andrea Frey, from “Frey’s On The Side,” share their adventures to inspire others to explore the outdoors and grow as a family. Based in Wisconsin, the Freys, including their two young children, spend their free time exploring nature. Their adventures range from boondocking in Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest, staying at established sites in Wisconsin State Parks, to trips in Upper Michigan for a complete disconnect. They share these experiences on Instagram and Facebook, with Matt particularly finding joy in video storytelling on YouTube. Their mission is to build a community passionate about the great outdoors, encouraging others to embark on adventures and maintain a hunger for exploration. They express gratitude for the continued support they receive, underlining their commitment to fostering a love for nature and adventure in their followers.

Overland Adventures of America

Overlanding Adventures of America transistioned from our dream to a reality in 2021! It is not a journey with a purpose. The journey is the purpose. Finally in April 2021 we sold our business, leased out our home and moved into the Jeep.

May 2021 we began living full-time in a 2015 Jeep Rubicon, named Radioactive, for the sole purpose of off-grid overlanding throughout North America. Carol is a retired former corporate executive. She has a wealth of knowledge and skills that have blessed numerous people. Not to mention her cooking is a hit and far superior than any restaurant alternative. My late husband Roy retired as OTR and Heavy Equipment Tow operator with a hunger to navigate our travels on the least of traveled paths and had a passion to document our journey with drones, pictures and words.

Unfortunately, in the summer of 2023 my beloved husband was diagnosed with a devastating cancer. He fought for 55 days and blessed me with a lifetime of memories. In his honor I continue our journey from here! Our love story remains.

For us its about living our best life while adding value to other’s lives. It’s just you, the creator and creation! Come follow or join us on our journey – it’s no doubt the most therapeutic experience of our lives.

BROfessor Adventures

Joey “the BROfessor” Slayton is a native of Arkansas. He is an avid off-road/outdoor enthusiast, hiker, backpacker, motorcycle rider, and podcaster. The BROfessor’s outdoor adventures began back in the late 1980’s when he and his friends would take his Suzuki Samurai out adventuring each weekend. Today, on any given day, you can find him riding the highways on his Harley, backroads on his Adventure Bike, Bikepacking, Backpacking, or down some trail in his FJ Cruiser. Each summer you might have trouble tracking him down as he escapes reality exploring wherever the roads may take him. Joey keeps a log of his adventures through his Instagram @brofessoradventures , his LIVE radio show/podcast “THE Overland Podcast” and his BLOG “BROfessor Adventures.”

Shaun Owens

Hello 👋 We are Owens Overland, a family that cherishes outdoor adventures and quality time with friends. Our passion lies in embracing the great outdoors, whether it’s enjoying the structured environment of registered parks or the raw beauty of off-grid camping. Our mantra, “ESCAPE, EXPLORE, ENJOY,” encapsulates our belief in the importance of taking a step back from the daily grind to immerse oneself in the tranquility and freedom of nature. We encourage everyone to seize the opportunity to relax and reconnect with the world around them, celebrating the simple joys of life. Join us in our journey to discover, appreciate, and relish the wonders of the natural world.

Post Family Pilgrimage

Post Family Pilgrimage started by taking our family to the first Moore Expo in 2020! Our channel has only grown from there with a love for the outdoors and sharing that passion with like-minded folks, encouraging them to get out and to explore the beauty of God’s given resources! We are a family of 5 that loves the outdoors, loves to travel, and to document our travels, to encourage other families to get out, explore, and enjoy the great outdoors as well!

First Path Frontier

Ride along in my Nissan Frontier on some of the prettiest, most interesting back roads you’ll find in the upper midwest. We’ll take twisting gravel and two track trails to legendary historic places, amazing natural sites, and beautiful tree covered byways that are scattered throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and places beyond.

Living in the Twin Cities makes it a convenient starting point to explore the gravel and rustic roads you’ll find here in the upper midwest, From short day trips, to extended weekend outings, to week long adventures in the mountains of Colorado, it’s always a joy to get out with new and old friends or just spend some time out in nature alone. A few things I discovered from spending years in the saddle of adventure motorcycles is: there is truly something magical about backroads covered by a canopy of leaves and little-known places always hold an incredible story to tell. I love finding those stories now in my truck and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do sharing them. I will also give you my honest opinion about the tools I use and the truck modifications I install that help make getting lost on those little traveled, two-track forest roads possible.

With two years of YouTube under my belt, I’m excited to be attending Moore Expo as a Storyteller for the first time. Please stop by, grab a sticker, share your favorite road trip and camping adventures, and let’s all celebrate getting lost together. See you soon!

Trove 1 Adventures

We’re a family of 8 who doesn’t let having kids stop us from getting out and exploring. We spend any time we can out driving, camping, hiking, canoeing, and exploring the outdoors. We spend most of our time in the Ozarks or Ouachitas but venture out of Arkansas whenever we can.


Ar4runnermom, an Arkansas ambassador for Lady Owned Toyotas, is a wife and mother of three teenagers. Despite being fully disabled with two rare brain diseases, IIH and Chiari, Ar4runnermom doesn’t let this hinder her love for the outdoors and exploring. She focuses on adapting and overcoming challenges to ensure she doesn’t miss out on adventures, demonstrating that living an adventurous lifestyle is possible even with disabilities. When she’s not busy organizing events for Lady Owned Toyotas, Ar4runnermom is devoted to caring for goats, donkeys, and other animals on her small farm in the river valley in Arkansas. This farm, along with the mountains, are her two happy places, offering her solace and joy amidst her active and inspiring life.


We are so grateful for everything you do to help support this community. We are so thrilled to have you, we want to give you a FREE space at MOORE Expo ‘23!!!

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