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“Storytelling is our obligation to the next generation. If all we are doing is marketing, we are doing a disservice, and not only to our profession, but to our children, and their children. Give something of meaning to your audience by inspiring, engaging, and educating them with story. Stop marketing. Start storytelling.” -LH


I’m the Arkansas ambassador for Lady Owned Toyotas. I’m also fighting 2 health conditions that left me disabled.. offroading and overlanding has become such a much needed therapy ! It’s all about overcoming and adapting .. I never thought I’d be able to sleep in an rtt .. but I can .I love helping get other ladies out on the trails and be more confident in their endeavors.

All Things Overlanding

All Things Overlanding started as a fun way to record and document Overlanding trips for my kids, friends, and family. Very few people I knew understood what Overlanding was and I wanted to share that with as many people as possible. I also really like gear, so I started doing gear reviews and talking about the different stuff that was making my trips better.

Over time, the YouTube channel, podcast, and other social channels have grown and now I get to have a ton of conversations with folks starting out on their Overlanding journey where I was a few years ago. I love helping people and the best part of the whole thing is how it’s gotten others interested in the hobby as it’s continued to grow.

AllOver Overland

I’m a photographer, podcaster, and radio show host. I love to talk about Overlanding. Asking my guest how and why they got started and why Overlanding?

Amaysing Life

David retired from an IT career 10 years ago and he and his wife Holly focused on their health business that remains a primary focus today. David expanded his passions to filmmaking several years ago and now does professional photography and filmmaking as well as shares their Jeep adventures from around the United States on their YouTube channel @amaysinglife. David spends 90-100 days per year camping out of the Jeep across the country with Holly joining him when able.

Baker Overland

I’m relatively new to the space but Chris graciously invited me last year and I had a wonderful time. I’d love to return this year as a storyteller.

Ben Johnston

Im a Data Analyst and fabricator. Extremely passionate about offroading, overlanding, camping, dirt biking, and doing/building things Noone has built before. I like meeting people, hearing their stories and sharing mine!

Budget Overland

The purpose of Budget Overland (Podcast, YouTube, Facebook etc.) is to educate and share knowledge so that everyone within the community can experience and plan safe and memorable adventures. Budget doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. We believe in sharing info as a community. Learning from others and sharing the passion of “Overlanding”!
The term “budget” is relative to everyone’s situation. We feel your planning considerations should be based on your individual needs required to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Capstone Adventures

My name is Nick Riebe, and I am a USAF retiree who has been traveling around North America (including Alaska and Canada) for the last 5 years living the “overland vanlife.” My subsequent love for overland travel, exploration, and adventure, dictate that I do some rebranding, and find a more capable platform to travel in. I am currently working on a Jeep Gladiator Rubicon build. I have never attended the Moore Expo, but hear great things! I look forward to contributing whatever I can to the expo and the community!

Coddiwomple Overland

Bill and Deb explore the United States and beyond in a Jeep Gladiator. They share their overlanding travels on their YouTube as well as Instagram and Facebook

Cruisin’ The Land

The life of married travelers, Manda & Ham. Sharing overland trails we love, helping travelers find amazing camps and reviewing the best outdoor gear.

Diamond State Offroad

I’ve been in the YouTube game for almost a year now, gaining almost 500 subs in the first year. I frequent the ozarks in the my right hand drive Jeep Wrangler with my dog Moose, every weekend we can. We enjoy camping and educating on the Facebook page about vehicle maintenance. Most weekends are spent networking with other YouTubers such as Jacob Biddle from Eagles Overlanding, Benji Ward with Budget Overland, and Caleb Baker with Baker Overland. I have more of a rock crawling background and that’s what I love to show on the channel, some more of the harder trails, rather than gravel roads.

Eagles Overlanding

My name is Jacob and I’m 20 years old with a hearing loss condition. Residing in Fort Smith, Ar. visiting the Ozark and Ouachita National Forests frequently. I currently own and have built out my 2wd First Gen Toyota Tundra to do overlanding in which I have shown my truck in action via my Youtube Channel and Instagram. It’s mind blowing sometimes haha. I’m also an Eagle Scout, hint the name Eagles Overlanding. I have a passion for videography and photography in the outdoor world and have come to love overlanding and the community that I am in.

Ethan Murphy

Just a dood who loves all things camping, off-roading, and of course overlanding. I’m born and raised in Tennessee, but love to venture out west and all over the southeast. If I’m not wrenching, camping, or wheeling then I’m taking trips with my wife or hitting the golf course. I don’t have a youtube or website/blog like alot of the cool folks, but I stay pretty engaged with my people through IG. I’m open to new experiences and learning people’s stories!

Fast Rack Overland

We are an overland loving family that gets out every weekend to show how much fun you can have if you just get out and explore.

Folksy Overlanding

Man I’m a hard working guys take care of 4 kids and enjoy getting out into the unknown. I overland in a jeep XJ. I don’t have a lot of money so I use what I have and make it work. I have broke down out on the trail and had to do repairs while in a mud hole. Just to get out. I love the adventure

Gladiator Overland

Purple Heart pre post 911 combat veteran. who does overland to show other veterans that it can be used to help heal the wounds of war. Then uses the same skills I have learned to take other veterans on short Overland trips in the Appalachian Mountains to teach them these skills and get them out into the wilderness to start their healing journey. Have been “Overlanding” before Overlanding was a term. From my 85 Weestfalia to my current rig I have been exploring this great nations backcountry for almost 30+ years now. We’ve dedicate the past year to start to document it and start the Veteran Overland Project with the two side of @gladiatoroverland documenting my journey to healing myself and relationship with my spouse for others to see and then implementing these skill with @veteranoverlandproject with trips starting in 2023. We currently are self funding the project and hope to be able to have it stand on its own two feet next year or so.

Ham Radio 2.0

I am a full-time YouTuber. My main, and largest, channel is Ham Radio 2.0 where I talk about Ham Radios, 1-way radios, portable radios, etc. Recently I have started a new YouTube channel called Unplug:d – @unplugd – where I talk about Van Life, RV Life, Overlanding, etc. I am working to grow both of the channels (and Instagram accounts for each one) because they often intertwine with one another on adjacent or overlapping topics.

Homeward For Heroes

I recently retired from the military and have seen a lot of my comrades suffer from PTSD, many that have been saved, along with losing others to suicide. I can remember many times being thankful that I never got PTSD nor even thought of committing suicide. Since then, I have spent many months wondering what was the different between them and myself. After some reflection, I noticed two major things that made a difference. The first difference was my wife asking the hard questions and being extremely supportive though hard times. The other was our passion for outdoor adventures. We would take long trips to explore the great outdoors, find old ghost towns, abandon mines and beautiful scenery. This would get my mind away from the military and open up to my wife more. We would basically be “disconnecting” from our normal way of life and “reconnecting” together. This is one major reason why we founded Homeward for Heroes.

James Budski Schmidt

Both adventurer and vintage Land Cruiser builder we build body off Land Cruisers meant to be put to use. Located in southern Illinois the Shawnee National Forest is in our backyard but take these vintage rigs all over the country and have even done four wheelers overland adventure ‘21

Michigan Overland

I run the Michigan Overland brand on all platforms. The focus has always been building the community and being a good spot for people to come and ask questions without worry.

Off-Road Recon

We are Ben and Brandi – off-roading, overlanding, and camping family. Behind the wheel of our Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, our F150 Platinum, and our Ford Bronco, we are in search of epic trails, awesome overland campsites, and unforgettable campfire cooking! We’ll see you on the trail!

Videos include: off-road trail riding, camping, DIY, and How-To, Off-Road info, overlanding, campfire cooking

Okiegirl Overland

My drive for overlanding is apparent in every action I take. I love taking unknown trails and sitting around a campfire at night. I love sharing that passion with others. We hold meets and trail rides to bring others together and instill that passion into others. I love hosting my weekly show on Overland Radio to share cool products and let others share insights into this lifestyle.

Overland Pioneers

Overland Pioneers Top Services: Create content for brands where we aren’t the focus, the products are. Helping companies connect and form mutually beneficial relationships. Linking brands with trusted & vetted influencers that will properly represent their products. Karma Marketing – Giving more than we get.


I was born and raised in Missouri have spent a lot of my life with my dad traveling and I myself love going out west to the mountains but also enjoy the beauty that the Midwest has to offer. since I was a kid I have always had a fascination with the building and effort that goes into custom vehicle builds and as I got older I admired the guys that would go on these massive adventures reaching places on the planet that not many people are ever able to see with their own eyes. I’m lucky enough to have my own shop maintaining and building Toyotas now it has been a dream come true so needless to say I am very thankful for events & organizations like MOORE to showcase the community and industry we all love. Thank you for all you guys do!

Overlanding Anglers

Our mission is to explore and encourage exploration! We film series exploring Oklahoma’s History and go to some amazing sites. We also do install and review videos explains something important. Why we went with certain items. We feel it’s very important to explain the why behind everything we do. That way people can decide if that is what the need. We film how to videos and love to share our passion of overlanding and fishing with others.

Ozark Overland Adventures

Cara and Matt McClellan have a goal to be living on the road and overlanding full time by fall of 2025. This is when both of their youngest will be going to college. Between now and then, they will be living the best life they can— creating as much content as they can and growing their YouTube subscriber and support base. What started as exploring the beautiful Ozark National Forrest on a weekend adventure with just a Jeep and some camping gear has turned into a passion to see and experience as much as possible. As Cara and Matt explore more and more, they want to pass on the adventure to others by inspiring them to get off the pavement and experience these amazing places first hand.

Patrick Kissman

My name is Patrick, I am 23 and I am a avid overland/off-road enthusiast. I love traveling the country, meeting new people and making new friends. currently my goal is to travel all of the lower 48 states in my truck (I have 17 states knocked off the list thus far) currently I have put about 40,000 miles on my truck in the past year and a half. Not bad for a 34 year old truck haha. I can literally go on for hours talking about my truck and how it has allowed me to meet so many awesome people and visit so many amazing places.

R Chris Hudson

Married for 25+ years-father of 2 boys-youngest has severe autism-love the Jeep/offroad/outdoor/hunting/fishing/camping life-Jeep ride after work almost every weekday and ride multiple times every weekend-God, family, friends matter most

Skinner’s Outdoor Adventures

Skinner’s Outdoor Adventures is a diverse family. We would love for you to stop by share our stories of our Michigan trips with you and show you what we have going on in our setup.


Stl Toyota off-road is the largest and fastest growing Toyota based group on this side of the state. We have some of the most active members in the community with outings almost weekly. We highly promote new members joining us to test the capabilities of their rigs and themselves. We try to capture as much media as possible in our outings to share with everyone possible to showcase what the great outdoors has to offer

The Day We Make

We’re a family of five with a focus on educational experiences, environmental stewardship, and family values achieved through off-grid living and overland travel. We’re part of a community of nomadic storytellers, and we share our life and travels so that everyone can experience the true beauty of nature and minimalism through our content.

The Dunnage Garage

Hello everyone, Scott here! Since going off-roading and camping with my step-dad as a child I have been hooked. Jeeping has provided me not only a passion and hobby, but an outlet from life’s many ups and downs. My buddy Matt and I have found countless adventures in the garage and on the trail. Whether the adventure is modifying our Jeeps or a bear helping itself to our cooler, we try to make a weekly video to follow our adventures.

Tyler Kovacs

Hi! My name is Tyler Kovacs! Ever since I was young, I had big dreams & aspirations to travel the United States and the world & to connect with people from all walks of life. When I was 16 my parents gave me my very first overland rig; a 2002 Toyota 4Runner- however that didn’t last long as I totaled it when I was 17. When I turned 23 I bought my self a brand new 2021′ Toyota Tacoma. At the time my inspiration for my build was Grant Wilbanks, from Arkansas Offroad- @grizzy.gram! I immediately started building my rig the way I dreamed it would always be! I became prominent in my community (Jacksonville, Florida) and would lead local’s on trail rides thru local national forests. Since then, my truck has seen at least 3 different “facelifts.” My Tacoma and I have been from Florida as far out as Montana at least 4 times & If I had time, I could list a story for every 100 miles! My continued goal is to keep making relationships and new friends from around the world and be able to share experiences!

Zak Farris

Hi, my name is Zak Farris and I am from Saint Louis Missouri. I grew up on a ranch in Farmington MO, with cattle, horses, pigs, chickens and a crazy goat that roams the property lines. I love camping and valuing my time offroad and traveling. Talking to people and learning the minds of others is something I cherish. I love to think different and inspire people with getting out doors or out of their comfort zones. I’m very outgoing and proud to be in a great community that I’m in today


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