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“Storytelling is our obligation to the next generation. If all we are doing is marketing, we are doing a disservice, and not only to our profession, but to our children, and their children. Give something of meaning to your audience by inspiring, engaging, and educating them with story. Stop marketing. Start storytelling.” -LH


Cara and Matt McClellan have a goal to be living on the road and overlanding full time by fall of 2025. This is when both of their youngest will be going to college. Between now and then, they will be living the best life they can— creating as much content as they can and growing their YouTube subscriber and support base. What started as exploring the beautiful Ozark National Forrest on a weekend adventure with just a Jeep and some camping gear has turned into a passion to see and experience as much as possible. As Cara and Matt explore more and more, they want to pass on the adventure to others by inspiring them to get off the pavement and experience these amazing places first hand.


Epic drone footage, easy watching videos, and impressive camping locations. Elizabeth and Rob have been traveling the United States in a bid to bring you new and exciting content, inspire your adventures, and help you get into overlanding!

Through the channel, Elizabeth and Rob aim to bring you more videos like their Utah and New England series, with reviews on the equipment they bring along the way.


Bill is a Flight Paramedic and Deb is a 911 Dispatcher. Join them as they use their Jeep to overland and enjoy the outdoors as well as find new places and friends to de-stress from the normal tribulations of life. Follow along on Youtube and enjoy as they explore many parts of the Kentucky Wilderness, Smokey Mountains, and Westward to the high dry desert.


All Things Overlanding was founded in 2016 by Jason Fletcher. Jason is a father of 2 boys, an avid camper, and huge car person. He stumbled on Overlanding and it brought together those passions, so in an effort to continue learning and growing as an Overlander, he started this site. His goal was to create a place where fellow Overlanders could share their experiences and grow and learn together.


Hi! We’re Joe & Misti from The Day We Make! We’re an overland travel family of five with a focus on education, sustainability, and family achieved through off-grid living and full-time travel. We’re part of a community of nomads, and we share our life on the road so that everyone can experience the true beauty of nature through our vlog.

We’re two retired veterans who sold it all and started living life on our own terms! Each new day is the day WE make!

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Each week we bring you new and exciting LIVE shows that can be heard right here, on the apps, and simulcasted in Social Media Sites.


Joey “the BROfessor” Slayton (aka the Overland Philosopher) is a native of Arkansas. He is an avid off- road/outdoor enthusiast, motorcycle rider, and podcaster. The BROfessor’s outdoor adventures began back in the late 1980’s when he and his friends would take his Suzuki Samurai out adventuring each weekend. Today, on any given day, you can find he, his wife Connie and Bruiser the Adventure Bulldog riding the highways on their Harley’s or in their his and hers Toyota FJ Cruisers exploring the many Forest Roads and Trails in the Ouachita and Ozark National Forests of Arkansas. Each summer you will have trouble tracking him down as he explores all over the United States. Joey keeps a log of his adventures through his Social Media


Hello, my name is Michael, I love to explore and share my experiences. Join me as I travel All Over looking forward adventures, new places, and new people. Follow me on trails either in the videos or heck come with me! For more check out All Over Overland on Facebook, Instagram, the Podcast, and even on Overland Radio


Northology Adventures is a midwest-centric adventure community digital publication. We believe there is room for everyone around the fire and that the silent sports and motor sports worlds intersect at the overland camp. Our goal is to present outdoor adventure stories, photos, info, news, events, and gear reviews. Join us and connect with others on the same trail.


Our mission is to provide the overlanding community with useful and practical instruction on modifying and outfitting their adventure vehicle along with sharing details on exciting and beautiful travel destinations across North America. Through our video productions and social media involvement we wish to inspire the hidden adventurist spirit living in everyone’s soul, pulling it to the forefront to experience the wonders and challenges of overlanding the road less traveled.


Overland Pioneers Top Services: Create content for brands where we aren’t the focus, the products are. Helping companies connect and form mutually beneficial relationships. Linking brands with trusted & vetted influencers that will properly represent their products. Karma Marketing – Giving more than we get.


We are Matt and Andrea Frey. With our daughter Caroline and son Matthew we seek adventure through exploring nature. Our passion for outdoors brings us closer together as a family. We love to experience God’s creations, while taking a deep breath in relaxation.

Our home is Wisconsin and provides a great outlet for outdoor weekend getaways. Whether spending the weekend boondocking in Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest, at established sites in the Wisconsin State Parks system or venturing to Upper Michigan to completely unplug, we love it all.

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Frey’s On The Side – Serving Adventure.


We are Ben and Brandi – off-roading, overlanding, and camping family. Behind the wheel of our Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, our F150 Platinum, and our Ford Bronco, we are in search of epic trails, awesome overland campsites, and unforgettable campfire cooking! We’ll see you on the trail!

Videos include: off-road trail riding, camping, DIY, and How-To, Off-Road info, overlanding, campfire cooking


My name is Grant Willbanks and I’ve been an Arkansas native my entire life. I first got into overlanding because I fell in love with the state, I loved being outdoors riding mountain bikes, camping, and exploring, and I loved wrenching on vehicles. They all seemed to go hand in hand with me. One day I remember deciding to film a video of one of my camping trips, and to my surprise, the video took off. One thing led to another and here I am today with around 50,000+ YouTube subscribers, doing what I love to do. I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to live in Arkansas and to share my experiences with anyone who watches. To be honest, I never thought I’d be here. I am very thankful and excited for all of the adventures to come!


Mermaid Overlander interviews some of the most epic women in overlanding and off-roading! Mermaid Overlander is a full-time overlander herself, and her podcast interviews are done while traveling with her family.


Rogue Overland is an outdoor lifestyle page here to provide you with an adventure portal, gear reviews, photography, videos and signature Rogue Overland gear. Please support the outdoor and overland community and follow us, be sure to stop by and say hi at MOORE Expo ‘22


Follow along as I travel around the US looking for adventure. 4×4, off-road, overlanding, gear reviews, how to’s and other awesomeness. Hit that subscribe button and follow the adventures.


My name is Caleb Baker and I started the Baker Overland Youtube channel to encourage more people to explore the outdoors. I camped remotely in the Ozark National Forest for the first time in 2019 and it changed everything for me. There is a healing, therapeutic reset that happens when we disconnect in nature and I think the world needs more of that. I post weekly videos on the channel and share all my Gaia routes in the descriptions. I want this stuff to be more accessible so I work hard to make sure the content I produce is high quality in both production and storytelling. If you enjoy what I’m doing I would love it if you would subscribe and follow along. You don’t need a million dollar rig to do this stuff. Grab some gas, a turkey sandwich and go.


David and Holly are health coaches and David is also a filmmaker. David has been doing adventure travel by motorcycle for years and recently added a Jeep in order to have Holly come along. Join their adventure of both 2 and 4 wheel travel across the United States and eventually abroad. Their desire is to inspire others through their travels by encouraging everyone to “make life aMAYSing”.

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A weekly video series of 3 Ingredient cocktails perfect for your next camping or overlanding trip.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the MOORE Expo, you will find the Recovery Room Lounge. The relaxing space features comfortable indoor patio seating, live entertainment, local map reading, and refreshing cocktails served by trained mixologists. Everyone is welcome to come enjoy themselves, connect with friends afar, and create new friendships that will last a lifetime.


See the MOORE cover photo and 2 page article in the January edition of Springfield FitLife Magazine.

Springfield FitLife is a wellness guide for active adults seeking a healthy and productive lifestyle.

We keep it simple: our guide is designed to provide healthy solutions for active adults…and high returns for our advertisers! Springfield FitLife takes a highly targeted and cost effective approach to helping your business grow and is part of the Hidden Values family of publications. Hidden Values Inc. has more than 25 years experience in the target marketing industry. Our publications are backed by a proven track record with over 60 publications throughout the nation. Springfield FitLife is locally owned and operated.


This is a podcast all about offroading. During the episodes here’s a bit of what you’ll hear: news, upcoming events, interviews with professional drivers, weekend warrior drivers, interviews with company and shop managers and owners, discussions about land access and plenty of off topic discussion. Stay with us and lets explore your world!


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Off The Road Again Podcast

Off The Road Again Podcast is hosted by Chris Tracy and Ross Ballot. Both Chris & Ross, write for Hooniverse and are off-road enthusiasts. Ross has experience with quads, a Jeep Wrangler YJ, a Chevy Avalanche, and a Canadian 4Runner, the StormTrooper. Chris started out with a Jeep Wrangler TJ, moved on to a Tacoma, a V8 4Runner, #TheLandYacht a 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80, and an ’08 Sequoia as the family bus. Follow along as Chris and Ross navigate modern off-road vehicle news, trends, and other topics.


The Northwest Jeepcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Gary and Gary. We are the podcast guys living the Jeep life. That’s right, we are building ’em, wheeling ’em, fixing ’em and sharing it with you! You want to hear about your rig – from the beast to the least, we’re talking about your jeep. And we got the scoop on the trail systems of the Pacific Northwest and more. Come along and join us on this fantastic voyage.


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