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Leemen Upfit

We love family friendly adventures! We have taken our 5 children across the country and hit all 48 continental states. We love exploring new areas and making memories. We started off buying one Jeep, then another and then another. They just kept multiplying. We started building so many Jeeps, we started our own Jeep Upfit shop. It’s in a super cool old car dealership in a small town in Ohio. We might live in Ohio, but we love overlanding and offroading out west! We have taken multiple Jeep trips to Colorado and Utah and last summer took a trip into Canada. We have a 392 for rock crawling/more advanced off-roading, We have a Gladiator for overlanding/ normal offroading. My son has a Wrangler for overlanding/off-roading. My wife has a Wrangler for lighter off-roading and driving to the mall with her top back. We post a lot of pictures on our Instagram and Facebook. We also post videos on our YouTube. A lot of them are from our adventures and others are about products we use and love.