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Black Truck Adventures

My wife (Paula) is investigating the pursuit of a master’s degree in Outdoor Recreation Economy through the University of Colorado Boulder. I (Casey) hold master’s degrees in finance and accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas and am currently pursuing an associate degree in automotive maintenance technology at Dallas College.
We are lifelong outdoor enthusiasts. We grew up in rural areas of Texas but moved to the city after undergraduate college and spent most of our time in an office building.
We live in the congested Dallas Metroplex. We love the outdoors and find outdoor adventure and exploring a way to escape the craziness of the exploding DFW metropolis. I (Casey) have been an active whitewater river rafter and kayaker since the mid-1990’s. Paula and I returned to camping in 2019 by camping at a primitive site on Lake Lewisville in Lewisville, TX, in the city, only 10 minutes from our home. We did not have a lot of gear and had not spent the time to research what we did and did not need. We started off with a bunch of unnecessary gear, all of which we had to pull in several wagon loads to get to the campsite.
Fast forward to now. We have spent countless weeks in the wilds of the Eastern (TN,NC) Central (TX, OK, AR) and Western (NM, CO, UT, AZ) United States. We want to share our experiences with everyone who yearns to escape the city and get outdoors. There are so many amazing places in America that most people haven’t seen or experienced. We want to share our experiences (positive and negative) with anyone interested in getting outside. We want to share what works and doesn’t work for us so that others don’t necessarily have to go through the trials and errors that we have experienced.