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Black Sheep Cakes

As an individual with a profound enthusiasm for off-roading and overlanding, I also have the distinct honor of being a world-renowned cake artist and a personality featured on television 19 times, in addition to being a three-time Guinness World Record holder. My global travels, which are partly inspired by my offroading excursions, significantly contribute to my artistic endeavors. I own a fully customized 2003 Lexus GX460, which has been my companion on numerous memorable journeys. Professionally, I have had the privilege of creating cakes for esteemed clients such as Gordon Ramsay, George Lucas, and various NASCAR and IndyCar events. On a personal note, I have overcome severe childhood abuse, a journey that has profoundly shaped my life. The great outdoors has played a crucial role in my path to self-discovery and healing. Furthermore, I have navigated the challenges and joys of being a single father for the majority of my child’s life, alongside my diverse and fulfilling career.