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312 Overland

Angel, a Chicago native from a family of gear-heads, has a background in Computer Engineering and Healthcare. Determined and helpful, he discovered the Jeep community and became the proud owner of a 2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave, Sting-Gray. Initially seeking a Rubicon Gladiator Diesel, Angel settled on the Mojave after not finding one with desired features. Despite it being identical to his younger brother’s Jeep, he obtained his brother’s blessing, excited to create memories with their Jeeps. Angel, along with Fernando and their adventure dog Kovie, frequently use the Jeep for various adventures, attending expos and events. A DIY enthusiast, Angel has transformed his Jeep into a second home, gaining recognition for his creativity. He co-founded 312overland with Fernando to educate newcomers in overlanding, emphasizing quality, customization, and warranty in product choices. 312overland also shares Angel’s extensive research, assisting others in selecting the right products for their needs. His journey reflects his commitment to exploring, learning, and inspiring others in the overland community.