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Best Life Adventure Channel

We are David and Tiffany Wade. We created the Best Life Adventure Channel in April of 2023 and then launched on a 7 week, 7,000 mile, cross country, coast to coast, epic adventure of a lifetime on the Transamerica Trail, living out of our Jeep, with our dog. The video series for that trip is starting to roll out now ( on our YouTube channel ( Our Girls Only Overlanding series will also start rolling out soon. David was born in Springfield in 1970 and has not been back there since 1973, so this will be a special trip for him. The expo this year also lands on the 1-year anniversary of our new channel (April 20) so this will be a very special weekend for us. From there, we’ll be returning to Florida and attending Jeep Beach for the next few days. We plan to create a video of the MOORE Expo while we are there as well as several Instagram and Facebook stories and reels.