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Alex, a resident of Chicago, IL, spent his childhood and adolescence in the vibrant neighborhood of Humboldt Park. In the depths of his heart, he held an unyielding desire to emulate his father, a skilled craftsman who specialized in constructing race cars and low riders. As time pressed forward, Alex gradually matured into adulthood and embarked on a momentous journey to acquire his very own vehicle. It was in that pivotal moment that he acquired a 1991 Honda CR-X SI, igniting within him an insatiable passion to transform it into a formidable street race car. Over the course of time, Alex developed an interest in motorcycles. He pursued his passion by racing them and even took on the role of a motorcycle mechanic. Eventually, he shifted his focus from sport bikes to Harley Davidsons. In this new endeavor, he specialized in constructing custom Harley Davidsons, complete with unique paint jobs, custom sound systems, and large wheels. These motorcycles, affectionately referred to as “big wheel baggers,” became his signature creations. While residing in Chicago and enduring its unpredictable weather conditions, Alex realized the need for a more stable career path. Thus, he made the decision to explore the field of forklift mechanics, a profession that promised a reliable source of income. Alex has developed a new hobby over the past few years – immersing himself in the Jeep life. At present, he is the proud owner of a 2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave in a striking sting grey color. He is currently in the process of customizing it to fully embrace the Overland Life with his Wife and daughter and Brother which He got him into Jeep Life.