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LastMinute Adventures

We are LastMinute Adventures a small town family from Arkansas that has a love for all things outdoors. We are parents to a wonderful 5 year old little boy and I’m trying to show him a little piece of what the world has to offer. In 2021 the whole overland idea was just a dream I had in my head during the Covid outbreak. Now, we spend every chance we get traveling Arkansas and surrounding states. Since then, we have met some of the most amazing people, if not for them we wouldn’t be here today. Our goal is to try and do just what these people have done for us and that is to inspire people to get out and explore, eat and cook good food, and build some of the greatest friendships you could ask for. We have a growing Instagram page that we document our travels. We drive a full size Ford F150 which isn’t your typical choice of vehicle for the Arkansas forest but we have set out to prove others that it is possible!