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Baker Overland

I’ll just say it… I’m the weird guy in the space. I’m not mechanical at all. I don’t do many product reviews. My channel is all about the story. This may get me in trouble saying this but “overlanding” is kinda secondary for me. I’m after the thing behind the thing. The heart that drives the action. In my videos I try to always bring it back to that. There are lots of awesome YouTubers explaining the how. I love those channels and watch tons of them. That’s not me though. I’m after the why. My beautiful wife and three goofy kids are at the heart of what I create and ultimately that’s the reason I’m here. Sappy? Maybe. Inspirational? Hopefully! Different? Definitely. I’m going 110% in on the channel this year with intentions of being full-time. Super stoked to be at Moore again this year!