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Navigating the Ozark National Forest using the Gaia Platform

Hosted by: Matt McClellan

Description: An in depth tutorial to navigating the ONF using the Gaia Mapping Platform. Learn how to cross map between the USFS maps and Gaia to find legal and safe routes. Lessons that can be applied to any national forest route planning.

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Radio Communications Basics: From Handheld to Emergency!

Hosted by: Aaron Winski

Description: This course is designed to help a beginner choose the right method of communications, covering everything from GPS units to ham radio. Aaron will speak about choosing and placing antennas, and propagation. August will mark Aaron’s 30th anniversary as an amateur radio operator, and he has spent nearly 25 years in broadcast/land mobile and the tower industry. Aaron’s goal want is to see people get interested in radio of any sort, and make good decisions so they don't get frustrated and just give up.


Powering Your Adventure - DC to DC Charging and a proper dual battery system

Hosted by: David Walls - Overland Power Solutions

Description: This course will discuss the basics of dual battery systems, off-grid power while traveling and why a DC to DC charging systems are so important in the scenarios you may encounter. Overland Power Solutions is a veteran owned company that provides custom 12v auxiliary power solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your vehicle based adventures. Whether you are looking to run a fridge full time in your vehicle, light up your camp, charge your camera and film equipment, or all of the above, we can custom tailor a solution for you that will make sure you never run out power.

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Coffee Fuels Adventure... how to brew better days!

Hosted by: Eric Hadley - Got Your Six Coffee

Description: We all love adventure and statistically 82% of Americans love coffee. It in many ways is a tool just like a high-lift jack, Action Trax or an onboard air compressor. How much do you know about coffee? What is the difference between Arabica Beans and Robusta? What coffee has the most caffeine? Do you know how to make the perfect Cup of Joe? What about brining the necessity of coffee with you on your adventures? We will teach you a little bit about coffee, how to make it and how to enjoy coffee on your next adventure. Skip the drive thru, road stop coffee and learn how to let freshly roast coffee fuel your next adventure. Come learn how to be pro-caffeinated and how to brew better days.

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Bikepacking the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

Hosted by: Marty Johnson -

Description: Join Marty and listen to him share his experiences riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Banff Alberta to Antelope Wells Mexico. Riding the route on the Tour Divide is a 2750 mile self supported race leaving Banff the 2nd Friday in June. Completing 3 of 5 starts he will cover what has worked and what has not worked for him. I'll cover and show the bike and gear used on the route.

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Photo Credit - Linda Guerrette

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